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       iac - PolyORB’s IDL-to-Ada compiler


       iac opts file [-cppargs args]


       iac  is  an IDL-to-Ada compiler, compliant with version 1.2 of the "Ada
       Language Mapping Specification" produced by the OMG.


       iac accepts the following options:

       -E      Preprocess only.  -k Keep temporary files.

       -p      Produce source on standard output.

       -o DIR  Specify output directory.

       -dm     Generate debug messages when analyzing scopes

       -df     Dump the frontend tree (the IDL tree)

       -cppargs ARGS
               Pass ARGS to the C++ preprocessor.

       -I dir  Shortcut for -cppargs -I dir.

       -nocpp  Do not preprocess input

       -<lang> Generate code for a supported language

       types   Generate a list of all types present in the IDL file

        -p     Print the list generate

       ada     Generate Ada source code

        -i     Generate implementation template.

        -c     Generate client side code.

        -s     Generate server side code.

        -d     Generate delegation package. (defunct)

        -ir    Generate code for interface repository.(defunct)

        -noir  Don’t generate code for interface repository (default).

        -hc    Using perfect minimal hash tables in skeletons and minimize CPU

        -hm    Using  perfect  minimal  hash  tables in skeletons and minimize
               memory space

        -rs    Use the SII/SSI to handle requests

        -rd    Use the DII/DSI to handle requests (default)

        -da    Dump the Ada tree

        -db    Generate only the package bodies

        -ds    Generate only the package specs

        -dw    Output the withed entities

        -dt    Output tree warnings

        -di    Generate code for imported entities

       idl     Dump parsed IDL file

        -b n   Base to output integer literal As a  default  (zero)  use  base
               from input

        -e     Expand IDL Tree

        -df    Dump  IDL  Tree (may be used in conjunction with -e to dump the
               expanded IDL tree)

        -di    Output  IDL  code  of  imported  entities  (may  be   used   in
               conjunction with -e to output the expanded IDL code)


       iac returns one of the following values upon exit:

       0      Successful completion

       1      Usage error

       2      Illegal IDL specification


       The PolyORB team,


       The PolyORB WWW page,