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       I8kctl, i8kfan - Utility to access SMM BIOS on Dell Inspiron laptops


       i8kctl [<command> [<args>]]
       i8kfan [<left> [<right>]]


       The  i8kctl utility provides a command-line interface to the i8k kernel
       driver for Dell Inspiron laptops. When invoked  without  arguments  the
       program  reports  the  same  information  which  can  be  read from the
       /proc/i8k file:

              1.  i8k format version
              2.  bios version
              3.  machine id
              4.  cpu temperature
              5.  left fan status
              6.  right fan status
              7.  left fan speed
              8.  right fan speed
              9.  ac power status
              10. fn buttons status

       The optional command argument can be used to select  only  one  of  the
       above  items.  Command  can be: version, bios, id, temp, fan, speed, ac
       and fn. Examples:

              $ i8kctl
              1.0 A17 B5W123K 52 2 1 8040 6420 1 2

              $ i8kctl temp

              $ i8kctl fan
              2 1

       The fan command can accept two optional parameters  which  specify  the
       new fan state for left and right fans. The state parameter can be:

              0  turn the fan off
              1  set low speed
              2  set high speed
              -  don’t change the state of this fan

       For example the command:

              $ i8kctl fan - 2

       sets  the  right  fan  to high speed and leaves the left unchanged.  It
       should be noted that if the i8kmon(1) daemon is  used  to  control  the
       fans,  setting the speed with i8kfan is pointless since the daemon will
       override the speed with its own value.

       Invoking i8kctl as i8kfan is the same as invoking the program with  the
       fan option:

              $ i8kctl fan 1 2
              1 2

              $ i8kfan 1 2
              1 2




       Massimo Dal Zotto <>


       i8kctl  and  all  the  i8kutils  programs , scripts and other files are
       distributed under the GNU General  Public  License  (GPL).   On  Debian
       GNU/Linux  systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License
       can be found in ‘/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL’.


       i8kmon(1), i8kbuttons(1)