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       hxname2id - move some NAME and ID attributes from an A to its parent


       hxname2id [ -x ] [ file ]


       The hxname2id command reads an HTML file and looks for elements with an
       A  element  as  first  child,  with  no  intervening  text  other  than
       whitespace.  If that A element has an ID or NAME attribute, it is moved
       to the parent element and removed from the A.

       Because Netscape 4 doesn’t understand  ID  attributes,  it  was  common
       practice  to  write  <H2><A  NAME="sect7">...</A></H2>  instead  of <H2
       ID="sect7">. This program can be used to convert such old HTML files to
       the new convention.

       Other  programs  in  this  suite, such as hxmultitoc(1), require IDs on
       headings instead of A elements with NAME attributes. So it is useful to
       run   hxname2id  prior  to  running  hxmultitoc  and  similar  program.
       hxname2id can be used in a pipe.


       The following options are supported:

       -x        Use XML conventions: empty elements are written with a  slash
                 at the end: <IMG />


       The following operand is supported:

       file      The  name  of an HTML file. If absent, standard input is read


       The following exit values are returned:

       0         Successful completion.

       > 0       An error occurred in the parsing of the HTML file.  hxname2id
                 will try to correct the error and produce output anyway.


       asc2xml(1),    hxmultitoc(1),   hxnormalize(1),   hxnum(1),   hxtoc(1),


       The error recovery for incorrect HTML is primitive.