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       htpasswd.php - http server password file generation tool


       htpasswd.php --file=/path/to/.htpasswd --create-file=box titlehtpasswd.php -f .htpasswd --add-user=login passwdhtpasswd.php -f .htpasswd --modify-user=login passwd


       The  htpasswd.php utility can be used to create authentication files to
       be used inside Nanoweb. These files are  usually  called  .htpasswd  or
       .nwauth  (deprecated)  and  can be used with other common webservers as

       These authentication files  of  course  contain  the  passwords  in  an
       encrypted  format,  usually  MD5  or  crypt(3), what makes this utility
       neccessary for editing these files.


       -f .htpasswd, --file=/var/www/.htpasswd
              This specifies the authentication file to be worked on (or  that
              shall be created).

       -c title, --create-file=title
              Creates   the   file   given   with   the   -f  switch.  Nanoweb
              authentication files (.nwauth) usually carry  an  authentication
              realm (title) inside, which can be set using this option.

       -a login passwd, --add-user=login pw
              Use   this  to  add  an  user  name  and  its  password  to  the
              authentication file.

              You need to use double quotes or ticks here, as your shell would
              otherwise  treat  the space character as seperator and thus pass
              login and password as two seperate arguments to the htpasswd.php

       -m login passwd, --modify-user=login pw
              Allows to change the password for a login name, which is already
              in the authentication file.

       -d, --display-result
              Changes made to the authentication file are  not  written  back,
              but instead printed to stdout.

       -h, --help
              Prints  out  the  help  screen  with  all available command line

       -v, --version
              Shows version information.


       When the --help switch is given on the command line, the  help  message
       is errornously printed two times.