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       ht://Check - Web site checker for dead/external links 2.0.0


       htcheck [-isvk] [-c configfile] [-D dbname]


       ht://Check  is  more  than a link checker.  It is a console application
       written for Linux systems in C++ and derived from ht://Dig.

       It can retrieve information through HTTP/1.1 and store the  information
       in a MySQL database, and it is particularly suitable for small Internet
       domains or Intranet.

       Its purpose is to help a webmaster manage one or  more  related  sites:
       after  a  "crawl",  ht://Check  gives  back  very  useful summaries and
       reports, including broken links, anchors not found,  content-types  and
       HTTP status codes summaries, etc.

       From  version  1.2.3,  ht://Check also performs accessibility checks in
       accordance with the principles of  the  University  of  Toronto’s  Open
       Accessibility  Checks  (OAC)  project, allowing users to discover site-
       wide barriers like images without proper alternatives, missing  titles,

       ht://Check  can  also  be used for Web structure analysis, as it stores
       information regarding links between HTML documents.


       -v     Verbose mode (more ’v’s increment verbosity)

       -s     Statistics (broken links, etc...) available

       -i     Initialize the database (drop a previous db)

       -k     Initialize the database (drop tables, keep the db)

       -c configfile
              Configuration file

       -D dbname
              Name of the database


       Written by Gabriele Bartolini <>


       Report    bugs    by    using    Sourceforge’s    bug    tracker    at: or write down
       a note to the author.


       The latest version of this distribution  is   available   online  from:


       Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Comune di Prato - Prato - Italy

       Some    Portions   Copyright   (c)   1995-2003   The   ht://Dig   Group

       Some    Portions    Copyright    (c)    2008-2009     Devise.IT     srl

       This  is free software; see the source for  copying  conditions.  There
       is  NO  warranty;  not  even  for  MERCHANTABILITY  or  FITNESS  FOR  A