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NAME - Add taglines and sigs to email, news and fidonet messages.

SYNOPSIS [-t tagfile -c cfgfile] -m msgfile -f sigfile -h

DESCRIPTION is a sigmonster.  It is designed to be extendable in many
       different ways through its use of plugins.  It might be getting a
       little bit too sentient in its old age though.

       It can be used like this: -m $1

       $EDITOR $1

       For information on configuration see the sample.htrc file

       To create signature files, it is tedious to have to work out what will
       and won’t line up.  This is why the -f option exists.  Feed it a
       sigfile and it will replace the @[0-9]+[RC]?@ bits with required number
       of spaces so you can see if you got it right or not.  (You could even
       run it from your favourite editor  e.g. ":! -f %" for vim on
       the current file.)


       Inserting a tagline containing "@[0-9]+[RC]?@" has interesting results.

       This documentation is useless.  Use The Source Luke.


           Config file



       Simon Huggins <>