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       hsmarkdown - convert markdown-formatted text to HTML


       hsmarkdown [input-file]...


       hsmarkdown converts markdown-formatted text to HTML.  It is designed to
       be usable as a drop-in replacement for John Gruber's

       If no input-file is specified, input is read  from  stdin.   Otherwise,
       the  input-files  are concatenated (with a blank line between each) and
       used as input.  Output goes to stdout by  default.   For  output  to  a
       file, use shell redirection:

             hsmarkdown input.txt > output.html

       hsmarkdown  is  implemented  as  a symlink to the pandoc(1) executable.
       When called under the name hsmarkdown, pandoc behaves as if it had been
       called with the options --from markdown --to html --strict and disables
       all other  options.   (Command-line  options  will  be  interpreted  as
       filenames, as they are by


       pandoc(1).   The  README  file  distributed  with  Pandoc contains full

       The Pandoc source code and all documentation  may  be  downloaded  from


       John MacFarlane.