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       homebank - manage your personal accounts at home


       homebank [OPTION...] [FILE]


       This manual page documents briefly the homebank command.

       homebank  is  a simple and easy to use program to manage your accounts.
       It has a lot of features such  as  statistics  with  graphical  charts,
       multi-accounts support, budget management, reminder, and even more!


   Help Options:
       -?, --help
              Show help options

              Show all help options

              Show GTK+ Options

   Application Options:
              Output version information and exit

              X display to use

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       homebank was written by Maxime Doyen <>.

       This  manual page was written by Adrien Cunin <> and
       by Francesco Namuri <>, for the Debian project  (but
       may be used by others).

                                 Dec 22, 2007