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       hocr - command line Hebrew OCR tool

       example  programs for libhocr, a library that help use Hebrew character


       hocr [OPTION] [-i] [pnm file]


       hocr is an optical character recognition program that can be used  from
       the  command  line. It takes input in pbm format, and writes recognized
       utf-8 Hebrew text to stdout. Input pbm file must be a binary black  and
       white pnm file (magic "P4/5").  If the pnm file is a single dash (or no
       file given), PNM data is read from stdin.


       -h     show usage information

       -i file
              read input from file

       -o file
              send output to file instead of stdout

       -d     use internal dictionary to guess misread fonts.

       -n     try to guess nikud for fonts.

       -s     use spaces for tabs.

       -t     indent indented lines.

       -f format
              output format (html text)

       -p file
              write PPM image with boxes around detected characters to file.

       SEE ALSO
              gocr(1), ocrad(1)


       Yaacov Zamir 2005.