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       Hobix - flexible generation of static blogs


       hobix command [weblog-name] [command-options]


       Hobix is a complete blogging system, designed to be managed on the file
       system and accessed  through  a  command-line  application.  It  brings
       together  Textile,  YAML and erb to create a powerful system for static
       generation of blog sites.


       General Hobix commands:

              Checks for Hobix upgrades and  upgrades  when  there  is  a  new
              version.  This command is disabled when using the Debian package
              of Hobix.

       The following commands can be used for managing the  weblogs  known  to

       add weblog-name /path/to/hobix.yaml
              Adds a pre-existing Hobix weblog to your list.

       blogs  List your weblogs.

       create weblog-name /path/to/
              Create a brand new weblog.

       del weblog-name
              Remove weblog from your list.

       druby  Start the DRuby daemon for weblogs in your config.

       The following commands are Hobix weblog specific:

       edit weblog-name
              Edit weblog’s configuration

       list weblog-name search/path
              List all posts within a given path.

       patch weblog-name patch-name
              Applies a patch to a weblog.

       post weblog-name shortName
              Add  or  edit  a post with identifier ’shortName’.  (You can use
              paths, for example: ‘blog/weddings/anotherPatheticWedding’)

       regen weblog-name
              Regenerate the all the pages throughout the site.

       upgen weblog-name
              Update site with only the latest changes.


       See also the Textile format that can be used in your weblog entries  at


       Hobix was written by Why The Lucky Stiff <>.

       This  manual  page  was written by Paul van Tilburg <>
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                  Apr 15 2005