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       hmmfetch - retrieve an HMM from an HMM database


       hmmfetch [options] database name


       hmmfetch  is  a  small utility that retrieves an HMM called name from a
       HMMER model database called database.  in a new format, and prints that
       model to standard output.  For example, hmmfetch Pfam rrm retrieves the
       RRM (RNA  recognition  motif)  model  from  Pfam,  if  the  environment
       variable  HMMERDB  is  set  to  the location of the Pfam database.  The
       retrieved HMM file is written in HMMER 2 ASCII format.

       The database must have an associated GSI index file.  To index  an  HMM
       database, use the program hmmindex.


       -h     Print  brief  help;  includes  version number and summary of all
              options, including expert options.

       -n     Interpret name as an HMM number instead  of  a  name.  Numbering
              starts  at  0.   For example, to fetch the first HMM from an HMM
              database called foo, you would do hmmfetch -n 0 foo.


       Master man page, with full list of and  guide  to  the  individual  man
       pages: see hmmer(1).

       For  complete  documentation,  see  the  user  guide that came with the
       distribution   (Userguide.pdf);   or   see   the   HMMER   web    page,


       Copyright (C) 1992-2003 HHMI/Washington University School of Medicine.
       Freely distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
       See the file COPYING in your distribution for details on redistribution


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       HHMI/Dept. of Genetics
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