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       hexdiff - ’hexadecimal visual diff’ for binary files


       hexdiff [-V] [-h|-?] file1 file2


       hexdiff  display an horizontally splitted hexadecimal view of the files

       The right column display the ASCII view of the files.  A status bar  on
       the bottom display the filename, its size, and the current offset.  The
       current view is marked with ’**’ on the left side of  the  view.   When
       moving  the  cursor  into  the  file,  differences will be displayed by
       ’inverting’ colors.


       -V display the program version.
       -h | -?  display the program help.
       -X Help for debugging your ~/.hexdiffrc, or the rc file parser.


       x q Exit the program.
       u j U Move cursor up for 1 line, or 4, inside the 2 files.
       d k D Move cursor down for 1 line, or 4, inside the 2 files.
       <space> Move cursor for several lines. (Depends on the display size)
       0 <home> Move cursor at the beginning.
       $ Move cursor to the end of the most little file of both.
       g Move cursor to the offset input.
       H Switch offset display between decimal and hexadecimal. (initial  mode
       is settable)
       i Display fstat for the current file selected.
       I Display fstat for both filess.
       A  Open  the (currently) experimental AsciiViewer.  Maybe coredump with
       no request. <tab> switch as usual.
       ^O Open a new file into  the  main  view.   Q  to  cancel,  <Enter>  to
       validate, ? for help.
       n Move cursor to next difference between files.
       <tab> Switch the current view.
       ?  Display the pop-up help view about the main commands.




       diff (1), cmp (1), /usr/share/doc/hexdiff/examples/hexdiff.rc


       If you resize your xterm windows hexdiff may become unstable for a few.
       The end of file display may be broken  if  files  are  from  differents


       Thierry Boudet aka tTh <>

       This     manual     page     was     written     by   Tanguy   Herrmann
       <>, for the Ubuntu GNU/Linux  system  (but  may  be
       used by others).




       This software is dedicated to the trollers kamarades from the HardStory
       team  of  CULTe,  without  whom  nothing  would  have  been   possible.


       Copyright  ©  2008  Thierry Boudet License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or
       later <>
       This is free software: you are free  to  change  and  redistribute  it.
       There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.