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       hex2bdf-split  -  Convert a GNU Unifont .hex file into single-width BDF


       hex2bdf-split n < input_font.hex > halfwidth_output_font.bdf
       hex2bdf-split y < input_font.hex > fullwidth_output_font.bdf


       hex2bdf-split reads a sorted GNU Unifont .hex  file  (sorted  with  the
       Unix  sort  utility) from stdin and writes a BDF version of the font to
       stdout.  This utility was adapted from the original hex2bdf  script  to
       accomodate  charcell  behavior  in  older  X11  implementations.  It is
       present for historical reasons, but  will  probably  be  removed  in  a
       future  distribution.   Dependency on this program is discouraged.  The
       main  software  application  written  to  use  the  GNU  Unifont,   the
       international  editor  Yudit, does not need a split font.  In addition,
       the GNU Unifont now has a TrueType version that makes most other use of
       the BDF version obsolete.

       hex2bdf-split takes one argument: "y" or "n".  If "n" is specified, the
       output font is set to half-width (8 pixels wide) and "-h-"  (for  half-
       width)  appears  as the X Logical Font Descriptor (XLFD) ADD_STYLE_NAME
       value.  If "y" is specified, the output font is set to  full-width  (16
       pixels  wide), and "-f-" (for full-width) appears as the X Logical Font
       Descriptor (XLFD) ADD_STYLE_NAME value.


       *.hex GNU Unifont font files


       bdfimplode(1),  hex2bdf(1),  hex2sfd(1),   hexbraille(1),   hexdraw(1),
       hexmerge(1),  johab2ucs2(1),  unibmp2hex(1), unicoverage(1), unidup(1),
       unihex2bmp(1), unipagecount(1), uniunmask(1)


       hex2bdf-split was written by David Starner,  based  upon  the  original
       hex2bdf Perl script by Roman Czyborra.


       hex2bdf-split  is Copyright © 1999 David Starner, and is released under
       the following terms (taken from

       "All of my works you find here are freeware. You may freely copy,  use,
       quote, modify or redistribute them as long as you properly attribute my
       contribution and have given a quick thought about whether  Roman  might
       perhaps  be  interested to read what you did with his stuff. Horizontal
       rules don’t apply."


       No known bugs exist.

                                  2008 Jul 06