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       heckle - mutate Ruby code and run test


       heckle class_name [method_name]


       ‘heckle’  is  a  mutation  tester.  It modifies your code and runs your
       tests to make sure they fail. The idea is that if code can  be  changed
       and your tests don’t notice, either that code isn’t being covered or it
       doesn’t do anything.

       -v, --verbose
              Loudly explain heckle run

       -V, --version
              Prints Heckle’s version number

       -t, --tests TEST_PATTERN
              Location of tests (glob)

       -F, --force
              Ignore initial test failures

              Best used with --focus

              Only mutate assignments

       -b, --branches
              Only mutate branches

       -f, --focus
              Apply the eye of sauron

       -T, --timeout SECONDS
              The maximum time for a test run in seconds

              Used to catch infinite loops

       -n, --nodes NODES
              Nodes to mutate

              Possible values: call, cvasgn ,dasgn, dasgn_curr, false,  gasgn,
              iasgn, if, iter, lasgn, lit, str, true, until, while

       -x, --exclude-nodes NODES
              Nodes to exclude

       -h, --help
              Show this message