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       msthca_self_test.ofed -  checker for InfiniBand Adapter (HCA) health




       hca_self_test.ofed is a script that checks the health of the HCAs found
       on the local host. The output of the script consists of information  on
       the discovered HCAs and various health attributes of the local host.

           Output system information includes the following items:
            - Number of HCAs
            - Host driver version
            - Host architecture type
            - Node GUIDs of HCAs
            - Number of active HCA ports
            - State of HCA ports

           Output of system checks includes the results of following items:
            - Number of HCAs
                - Driver initialization status
                - HCA Firmware version
                - RPMs installation
                - Driver error messages in kernel logs
                - IB Port error counters


            - hca_self_test.ofed must be run as root
            -  The  version  numbers of the most current HCA firmware releases
       should be stated inside the file.