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       haxe - compile haXe programs to SWF, Neko, JavaScript, PHP, or C++.


       haxe    -main    class   [-swf9|-swf|-js|-neko|-php|-cpp|-as3]   output


       haxe is a command-line compiler which compiles haXe programs into Flash
       SWF, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, C++, or Neko bytecode.

       haXe  programs are similar to JavaScript, but have a full-featured type
       system with generics.


       -cp path
              Add a directory to find source files.

       -js file
              Compile code to JavaScript file.

       -swf file
              Compile code to Flash SWF file.

       -swf9 file
              Compile code to Flash9 SWF file.

       -as3 directory
              Generate AS3 code into target directory.

       -neko file
              Compile code to Neko Binary.

       -php file
              Generate PHP code into target directory.

       -cpp file
              Generate C++ code into target directory.

       -xml file
              Generate XML types description.

       -main class
              Select startup class.

       -lib library[:version]
              Use a haxelib library.

       -D var Define a conditional compilation flag.

       -v     Turn on verbose mode.

       -debug Add debug informations to the compiled code.

       -swf-version version
              Change the SWF version (6 to 10).

       -swf-header header
              Define SWF header (width:height:fps:color).

       -swf-lib file
              Add the SWF library to the compiled SWF.

       -x file
              Shortcut for compiling and executing a neko file.

       -resource file[@name]
              Add a named resource file.

       -exclude filename
              Do not generate code for classes listed in this file.

              Prompt on error.

       -cmd   Run the specified command after successful compilation.

              More type strict flash API.

              Do not compile trace calls in the program.

              Place objects found on the stage of the SWF lib.

              Keep generated neko source.

       --gen-hx-classes file
              Generate hx headers from SWF9 file.

       --next Separate several haxe compilations.

              Display code tips.

              Compiles but does not generate any file.

              Measure compilation times.

              Disable inlining.

              Disable code optimizations.

       --php-front file
              Select the name for the php front file.

       --js-namespace namespace
              Create a namespace where root types are defined.

       --remap package:target
              Remap a package to another one.

       -help  Display this list of options.

       --help Display this list of options.


       haXe is written by Nicolas Cannasse for Motion-Twin.


       haxelib(1), haxedoc(1).

                                 Feb 01, 2010