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       halevt-mount/halevt-umount - Mount or umount device through HAL


       halevt-mount [options] [-w] mountpoint|device|udi

       halevt-mount [options] <-c | -r> <-a | mountpoint | device | udi>

       halevt-mount [options] <-l | -s>

       halevt-umount [options] < -a | mountpoint | device | udi>


       halevt-mount  Mount  or  umount  device through HAL and keep a track of
       devices handled.  When  called  as  halevt-umount  the  default  is  to
       unmount,  when  called as halevt-mount the default is to mount.  Option
       -c, -l, -r, -s or  -w  changes  the  operation  performed.   Additional
       argument  is  considered  to  be a mount point, a device or an udi when
       unmounting or removing.

       If the commands are not called with -s after changes in  the  state  of
       the   devices  (after  mounting,  unmounting,  removing  devices),  the
       information available for halevt-mount and halevt-umount may become out
       of sync with the state of the system.


       -a     When  listing,  list  all  the  existing  devices. For the other
              operations, perform the operation on all the handled devices.

       -c     Remove the handled device.

       -d device
              Use device device.

       -f file
              Use file file to store information  about  the  handled  devices
              instead of the default.

       -h     Help message and options summary.

       -i directory
              Use  lock  file  and  device  information  file in the directory
              directory (if they are not already specified).

       -l     List  handled   devices.   Formatted   with,   on   each   line,

       -p mountpoint
              Use mountpoint mountpoint.

       -m umask
              Set  mount  umask  to  umask  if  run  as a system user, and the
              filesystem supports it.

       -n file
              Use file file as lock file.

       -o option
              Add the option  option to the mount call.

       -r     Umount.

       -s     Sync  the  information  about  the  handled  devices  with   the
              informations known by HAL.

       -u udi Use udi udi.

       -w     Add to the handled devices.


       halevt(1), gnome-mount(1), pmount(1)


       This is halevt-mount version 0.1.5.


       Main author is Patrice Dumas pertusus at free dot fr.


       The latest version of this program can be found at:


       Copyright © 2007-2008  Patrice Dumas <pertusus at free dot fr>,

       There  is  NO  warranty.   You may redistribute this software under the
       terms of the GNU General  Public  License;  either  version  2  of  the
       License,  or  (at your option) any later version.  For more information
       about these matters, see the file named COPYING.