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       gwhois - generic whois client / server


       gwhois <query>


       gwhois  is  a generic whois client. It strives to know for all existing
       tlds and all ip address ranges the appropiate whois server to ask.  You
       can  simply  call gwhois with a query for some domain or some ip and it
       will ask the right server for you! It can even query webforms which are
       unfortunately the only query type supported by many bad registries.

       gwhois  can  also  be  used as a whois server. You can call it from the
       inetd and make it accessable via a normal standard whois  client.  This
       allows  for  example  using  a windows client and still make use of the
       enhanced features of gwhois.


              The pattern file of gwhois. Contains the list of domain  and  ip
              to  server  mappings.  It is in a machine readable regexp format
              but should be easy to understand by humans,  too.  If  you  have
              additions  and  corrections  please  report  them  always to the

              File created depending on debconf question sending mail.  Please
              do not change manually but instead use dpkg-reconfigure!


       Michael Holzt <>