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       guayadeque - lightweight music player




       This manual page documents briefly the guayadeque command.

       Guayadeque  is a lightweight and easy-to-use music player that supports
       smart playlists and huge music collections.

       Guayadeque allows users to:
               - Play  mp3,  ogg,  flac,  wma,  mpc,  mp4,  ape,  podcast  and
              shoutcast radio.
               - Read and write tags in all supported formats.
               - Manage huge music collection.
               - Download covers manually or automatically.
               - Suggest music using service.
               - Play shoutcast radios.
               - Download lyrics from different lyrics providers.
               - Copy a selection to a directory or device.

       Guayadeque  provides  a  D-Bus interface so it can easily controlled by
       all MPRIS-compatible music applets.

       After the installation, the application  will  be  available  from  the
       Applications menu.


       guayadeque was written by Juan Rios <>.

       This     manual     page     was    written    by    Alessio    Treglia
       <>, for the Debian project (and  may  be  used  by

                                  May 2, 2010