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       gtklick - A simple metronome GUI for JACK


       gtklick [options]


       gtklick  is  a  simple  metronome  with  an easy-to-use GTK+ interface,
       supporting the JACK sound  server.  It  features  different  sounds  to
       choose  from,  arbitrary meters and beat patterns, a speed trainer, and
       the ability to save and restore profiles.
       gtklick is implemented as a frontend to klick and uses OSC messages  to
       communicate  with the backend. Using klick directly on the command line
       offers additional features like tempo  maps  and  synchronization  with
       JACK transport.


       -o port
              OSC port to start klick with

       -q port
              OSC port of running klick instance to connect to

       -r port
              OSC port to be used for gtklick

       -h     show help


       Dominic Sacre <>