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       gtick - A GTK+ metronome




       GTick  is  a  metronome  application written using the GTK+ widget set.
       Output is sent to  the  soundcard  (using  direct  calls  to  /dev/dsp)
       providing a reliable timing guide.

       GTick  has  a BPM (Beats Per Minute) scale of 30bpm to 250bpm, catering
       for almost any need; and it is known to work on Linux and FreeBSD  with
       OSS interface.  It includes a Volume control and different meters.


       Alex  Roberts <>.  DSP core rewrite, improvements and
       bugfixes by  Roland  Stigge  <>  (current  maintainer).
       This  Manpage  was  initially  written  by  Cord Beermann <Cord@Wunder-> for Debian.