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       gtest-config - Google’s framework for writing C++ test


       gtest-config [OPTIONS...]


       The  ‘gtest-config’ script provides access to the necessary compile and
       linking flags to connect with Google C++ Testing Framework, both  in  a
       build   prior   to   installation,  and  on  the  system  proper  after
       installation. The installation overrides may be issued  in  combination
       with  any  other  queries, but will only affect installation queries if
       called on a built but not installed gtest. The installation queries may
       not   be  issued  with  any  other  types  of  queries,  and  only  one
       installation query may be made at  a  time.  The  version  queries  and
       compiler  flag  queries  may  be  combined  as  desired  but not mixed.
       Different version  queries  are  always  combined  with  logical  "and"
       semantics,  and only the last of any particular query is used while all
       previous ones ignored. All versions must be specified as a sequence  of
       numbers  separated  by periods.  Compiler flag queries output the union
       of the sets of flags when combined.


              gtest-config --min-version=1.0 || echo "Insufficient Google Test

              g++  $(gtest-config  --cppflags  --cxxflags) -o foo.o -c foo.cpp
              g++ $(gtest-config --ldflags --libs) -o foo foo.o

              # When  using  a  built  but  not  installed  Google  Test:  g++
              $(../../my_gtest_build/scripts/gtest-config ...) ...

              #  When  using  an  installed Google Test, but with installation
              overrides:   export   GTEST_PREFIX="/opt"   g++   $(gtest-config
              --libdir="/opt/lib64" ...) ...


              brief usage information

       --help display this help message

              Installation Overrides:

              overrides the installation prefix

              overrides the executable installation prefix

              overrides the library installation prefix

              overrides the header file installation prefix

              Installation Queries:

              installation prefix

              executable installation prefix

              library installation directory

              header file installation directory

              the version of the Google Test installation

              Version Queries:

              return 0 if the version is at least VERSION

              return 0 if the version is exactly VERSION

              return 0 if the version is at most VERSION

              Compilation Flag Queries:

              compile flags specific to the C-like preprocessors

              compile flags appropriate for C++ programs

              linker flags

       --libs libraries for linking


       The  full  documentation  for  gtest-config  is maintained as a Texinfo
       manual.  If the info and gtest-config programs are  properly  installed
       at your site, the command

              info gtest-config

       should give you access to the complete manual.


       gtest is Copyright 2008, Google Inc.

       This     manual    page    was    written    by    Giuseppe    Iuculano
       <>, for the Debian project  (but  may  be  used  by