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       GRSYNC - GTK+ frontend for rsync


       grsync [-e] [-s] [session_name]

       grsync -i session_file_name


       GRSYNC  is  a graphical interface using GTK2 for the rsync command line
       program.  It currently supports the most important rsync  features  and
       can be used effectively for local directory synchronization.


       You can specify a session to load instead of the default one, by typing
       it as a command line option.  The "-e" commandline option automatically
       executes  the  session and closes grsync when finished, unless an error
       has been encountered.  You can have grsync stay open anyway  using  the
       "-s" option (even if the session run has been successfull).

       The  alternative  syntax,  using the "-i" switch, will open the "import
       session" dialog on the file you specified as argument.


       Website <>


       GRSYNC was written by Piero Orsoni <>.

       This    manual    page    was     written     by     Daniel     Baumann
       <>,  for the Debian project (but may
       be used by others).  Updated by Piero Orsoni.