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       grib_set - Sets key/value pairs in gribs.


       Sets  key/value pairs in the input grib file and writes each message to
       the output_grib_file.  It fails when an  error  occurs  (e.g.  key  not


       grib_set [options] grib_file grib_file ... output_grib_file


       -s key[:{s/d/l}]=value,key[:{s/d/l}]=value,...
              Key/values  to  set.   For each key a string (key:s) or a double
              (key:d) or a long (key:l) type can be defined.  By  default  the
              native type is set.

       -r     Repack   data.  Sometimes  after  setting  some  keys  involving
              of  the  packing  algorithm a repacking of data is needed.  This
              repacking is performed setting this -r option.

       -d value
              Set all the data values to "value".

       -p key[:{s/d/l}],key[:{s/d/l}],...
              Declaration of keys to print.  For each key a string (key:s)  or
              a  double  (key:d)  or  a  long  (key:l)  type can be requested.
              Default type is string.

       -P key[:{s/d/l}],key[:{s/d/l}],...
              As -p adding the declared keys to the default list.

       -w key[:{s/d/l}]=value,key[:{s/d/l}]=value,...    Where clause.
              Set  is  only  executed  for  grib  messages  matching  all  the
              key/value  constraints.   If  a  grib message does not match the
              constraints it is copied unchanged to the output_grib_file. This
              behaviour  can be changed setting the option -S.  For each key a
              string (key:s) or a double (key:d) or a long (key:l) type can be
              defined. Default type is string.

       -7   Does not fail when the message has wrong length

       -S   Strict. Only grib messages matching all the constraints are copied
              the output file

       -V   Version.

       -M    Multi-grib  support  off. Turn off support for multiple fields in
       single grib message

       -g   Copy GTS header.

       -G   GRIBEX compatibility mode.

       -f   Force. Force the execution not to fail on error.

       -v   Verbose.


       This    manpage    has    been    autogenerated    by    Enrico    Zini
       <>from the command line help of grib_set.