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       grib_dump - Dump the content of a grib file in different formats.


       Dump the content of a grib file in different formats.


       grib_dump [options] grib_file grib_file ...


       -O   Octet mode. WMO documentation style dump.

       -D   Debug mode.

       -P key[:{s/d/l}],key[:{s/d/l}],...
              As -p adding the declared keys to the default list.

       -d   Print all data values. Available only in C mode

       -C    C  code  mode.  A  C  code program generating the grib message is

       -t   Print type information.

       -H   Print octet content in hexadecimal format.

       -a   Dump aliases.

       -w key[:{s/d/l}]{=/!=}value,key[:{s/d/l}]{=/!=}value,...
              Where  clause.   Grib  messages are processed only if they match
              all the key/value constraints.  A valid constraint  is  of  type
              key=value  or  key!=value.   For  each key a string (key:s) or a
              double (key:d) or a long (key:l) type can be specified.  Default
              type is string.

       -M    Multi-grib  support  off. Turn off support for multiple fields in
       single grib message

       -7   Does not fail when the message has wrong length

       -V   Version.

       -G   GRIBEX compatibility mode.


       This    manpage    has    been    autogenerated    by    Enrico    Zini
       <>from the command line help of grib_dump.