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       gri_merge  -  merge  multiple Gri output files into a single PostScript

USAGE (style 1):

              gri_merge [OPTIONS] CxR ... >

       Merges the files onto one page, in ’C’ columns and ’R’ rows.   The  CxR
       files  are given in the order of words on a page.  The page is presumed
       to be 8.5x11in in size, as are all the input files, and the input files
       are sized to fit, and kept in natural scale.

USAGE (style 2):

              gri_merge   [OPTIONS]   xcm   ycm  enlarge  [  ...]  >

       Where ‘enlarge’ is a scale factor applied after offsetting ‘xcm’ to the
       right and ‘ycm’ upward.

   EXAMPLE (style 2):
              The following

       gri_merge 2 12 .5 \

              12 12 .5 \

              2 2 .5 \

              12 2 .5 >

       produces  4  panels  from  gri  plots  done  using margins and sizes as
       specified in the following lines in a gri commandfile

              set x margin 2

              set x size 15

              set y margin 2

              set y size 15

       The OPTIONS, available if your ’perl’ has ’getopts’ library, are:

       -u graylevel -- set graylevel for underlay beneath panels,  by  default

              Values  range  from  0 (black) to 1 (white), although a value of
              precisely 1 means do NOT draw underlay.

       -b graylevel -- Set value for background under individual panels, again

              for black to 1 for white, with 1 meaning no drawing.

       -h     -- Print this help message and quit.


       gri(1), gri_unpage(1)