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       gquilt - patch series manager




       gquilt does not currently have any options.


       gquilt  is  a  GTK+ GUI for the quilt patch management program. Patches
       are managed by selecting  files  to  add  to  a  patch  from  the  root
       playground directory, editing in changes, and then refreshing the patch
       to add these changes to the top patch.  The root  playground  directory
       can be set by selecting the Open option from the Playground menu; it is
       set by default to the working directory of gquilts execution,  or  the
       user’s home directory (if launched from a menu).

       Currently,  point  and click interfaces are provided for a small subset
       of quilt’s most frequently-used commands, such as push,  pop,  refresh,
       import, fold, and creating and deleting patches in a series.

       A text widget allows execution of arbitrary quilt commands, in order to
       compensate for incomplete coverage of quilt’s command set.   All  quilt
       commands  initiated  by  the user (using either point and click or text
       entry) are echoed to the console widget, with input in black and output
       in  red.   gquilt  is  still  in  the  early stages of development, and
       evolving rapidly.


       Please report bugs in gquilt to <>.  The  current
       bug list may be viewed at <>.


       gquilt was written by Peter Williams <>.

       This     manual     page     was    written    by    Christine    Spang
       <>, for the Debian project (but may be  used  by


       Both  the  gquilt  source code and this man page are licensed under the
       GNU General Public License.