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       gprocmeter3 - A user friendly system monitoring program.


       gprocmeter3|procmeter3-gtk1|procmeter3-gtk2       [-h|--help]       [-w
       <hint1>[,<hint2>]]  [--rc=<filename>]  [--...]   [...]   [GTK   program


       ProcMeter  Displays  one  or  more  pieces  of  information  about  the
       operating system and other resources.  Most of the information that  is
       displayed  comes from the /proc filesystem.  The program is modular and
       very configurable.


       The command line options are described below.

       -h     Provides a help message listing  the  available  outputs.   This
              will be different for different computers depending on the Linux
              kernel version that is being used and the hardware/software that
              is configured.

       -w     Gives  Extended  Window  Manager  hints (EWMH) to change the way
              that  the  Window  Manager   treats   the   ProcMeter3   window.
              Implemented  hints  are: above, below, skip_pager, skip_taskbar,

              You can give more than one hint separated by commas  (e.  g.  -w
              above,skip_taskbar,sticky),  or  use -w multiple times (e. g. -w
              above -w sticky).

              Load the specified .procmeterrc file in stead of  the  searching
              in the usual places.

       --...  A  list  of  configuration  file  options that will override the
              values in the .procmeterrc file.  The format of these options is
              (for  example) --resources.background=grey50 which is equivalent
              to the entry in the .procmeterrc file of

               background = grey50

              All spaces around the equal sign must be removed and  if  spaces
              are  required  in  the  value on the right hand side then quotes
              must be used around the entire command line option.

       ...    A list of names of outputs that are to be displayed.   This  can
              include  any  of  the  outputs  that  are  available (see the -h
              option).  For the CPU usage is in a module named Statistics with
              an  output named CPU and there are graph (-g), text (-t) and bar
              (-b) options.  To display the CPU usage graph you would use  the
              command line option Statistics.CPU-g

       GTK program options
              The   standard  set  of  GTK  program  options.   These  include
              --display to set the display to use.

       X window options
              The only standard X Windows program option that is  accepted  is
              -geometry to set the size of the window.


       When  started the program will display all of the requested information
       in a set of output panels (vertically aligned by default).  Each output
       can  be  either  a  graph, text or bar, and can have a label indicating
       what it represents.  The outputs that are displayed are those from  the
       command line and those from the .procmeterrc configuration file.

       The  left mouse button will produce a menu of options that are specific
       to the output that is selected.  The Properties  option  on  this  menu
       will give more detailed information about the origin and meaning of the
       information that is displayed.  When the properties information  window
       is  displayed,  clicking  on  another  output will change the displayed
       information.  The Move to Above and Move to  Below  options  allow  the
       output  to  be  moved  around  in  the  window.  Selecting one of these
       options will change the mouse cursor to a  hand,  use  this  to  select
       another  output.   The  output that was selected first will be moved to
       above or below the output that was selected second.  The Run option  on
       the  menu  (which  may  not  be  available on all outputs) will run the
       specified command.  This may be to display a list of running processes,
       show  the  amount  of free memory or disk space for example.  This menu
       option is configurable in the .procmeterrc file.

       The right mouse button will produce  a  set  of  menus  that  list  the
       modules  that  are  available and for each of them the available set of
       outputs.  There are three types  of  output,  text  and  two  graphical
       outputs,  these are indicated in the sub-menus by icons.  Selecting one
       of the outputs from a sub-menu will cause that output to  be  displayed
       if  it  is  not  already visible.  If it is currently displayed then it
       will be disabled.  Those that are currently displayed are indicated  by
       a  marker to the left in the sub-menu.  When the output is added to the
       window it will be placed at the bottom, use the left  mouse  button  to
       move it if required.

       The  middle  mouse  button will display the sub-menu that is associated
       with the module for the output that is selected.  This is one  of  sub-
       menus that are found with the right mouse button.


       The  modules  that  are  available for gprocmeter3, procmeter3-gtk1 and
       procmeter3-gtk2 are described in the procmeter3_modules(1) manual page.


       procmeterrc(5) procmeter3_modules(1)


       Andrew M. Bishop 1998-2008

                                  May 5, 2008