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       gpixpod - organize photos on your iPod, freely




       GPixPod  is  a  photo  manager  for all Apple iPod models which support
       them, written in pygtk and released under the  GNU  GPL  2  license  or
       later.  The project home is at


       Don’t  pass any option to launch the regular GPixPod gtk graphical user
       interface.  GPixPod has also a basic  command-line  interface  that  is
       activated just passing the supported options, described below:

   -h, --help
       show this help message and exit

   -i IPOD, --ipod=IPOD
       the mountpoint of your connected iPod

   -f, --force
       skip synchronization and duplicate checking

   -q, --quiet
       do not display detailed output

   -a ALBUM, --album=ALBUM
       name of the photo album to use. It will be created if absent.

   -r, --recursive
       add images from directories recursively

   -t, --no-fullresolution
       do not copy full resolution image

   -z, --zoom
       zoom images instead of fit

   -s, --stretch
       stretch images instead of fit


       Please   report   bugs   from   the   SourceForge   project   page   at


       Flavio Gargiulo <flagar at gmail dot com>