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       gpiv_t-avg - Calculates time-averaged mean and variances of PIV data.


       gpiv_t-avg [-dn | --dir_name dir basename] [-df | --first_dir N] [-dl |
       --last_dir N] [-fb | --file_basename file basename] [-ff | --first_file
       N]  [-fl  |  --last_file  N]  [-fx | --file_prefix] [-h | --help] [-n |
       --none] [-p | --print] [-relrms] [-uv | --print] [-v | --version]


       gpiv_t-avg calculates mean and variances from  a  series  of  piv  data
       resulting  into  time-averaged  values. If no parameters are defined at
       the command line, standard parameters will be used that are defined  in
       the  script.  This  program  does  not use the parameter resources from


       -dn | --dir_name dir base-name
              The dir base-name represents the directory name without its last
              number.  It  is  supposed  that the last number in the directory
              name is a counter.

       -df | --first_dir
              Defines the counter  N of the first directory  number  at  which
              the analyses starts.

       -dl | --last_dir
              Last directory number N at which the analyses ends.

       -fb | --file_base_name file base-name
              The  filename  has  to  be given without its .piv extension. The
              file base-name represents the file name without its last number,
              before  the  extension.  If  not -fx key is used, it is supposed
              that the last number in the file name is a counter.  The  output
              will  be written to dir base-name/file base-name.ta_mean.piv and
              dirname/filename.ta_sdev.piv at which mean values and  variances
              are  written respectively or to dirname/filename.ta_U.piv and to
              dirname/filename.ta_V.piv if -uv is used.

       -ff | --first_file
              Defines the counter  Nof first file number at which the analyses

       -fl | --last_file
              Last file number N at which the analyses ends.

       -fx | --file_prefix
              Prefix numbering to file base name.

       -h | --help
              On-line help.

       -n | --none
              Suppresses real execution.

       -p | --print
              Prints  parameters,  command  line  options and input and output
              filenames to stdout.

              Prints relative rms, related to the absolute mean value.

       -uv    Writes U and v displacements/velocities to separate outputs.

       -v | --version
              Prints  version  information  to  standard  output,  then  exits

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       Gerber Van der Graaf

                                19 Januari 2005