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       gpiv_t-avg-img  - Calculates time-averaged intensities from a series of
       images at each pixel.


       gpiv_t-avg-img [-c int] [-fb string] [-ff int] [-fl int] [-fx]  [-help]
       [-p | --print] [-r int] [-s] [-v] < stdin > stdout


       gpiv_t-avg-img  calculates  time-averaged  intensities from a series of
       images for each pixel. This program uses the GENPAR parameters.


       -c NCOLS
              Number of columns.

       -fb FILE
              File base-name (without .number.r extension)  instead  of  stdin
              and stdout.

       -ff N  Number of first image file.

       -fl N  Number of last image file.

       -fx    Prefix numbering to file base name.

       -help | --help
              On-line help.

       -p | --print
              Prints  parameters,  command  line  options and input and output
              filenames to stdout.

       -r NROWS
              Number of rows.

       -s     Subtract mean from input data.  -v |  --version  Prints  version
              information to standard output, then exits successfully.

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       Gerber Van der Graaf

                                19 Januari 2005