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       gpaint - a small easy to use paint program for GNOME


       gpaint [filename]...


       This  manual  page  briefly documents gpaint (GNU Paint), a small-scale
       painting program for GNOME, the GNU Desktop  Environment.  gpaint  does
       not  attempt  to compete with GIMP, it is just a simple drawing package
       based on xpaint, along the lines of ’Paintbrush’ from  a  popular  non-
       free operating system.

       gpaint  is  still  work  in  progress and many features are still being
       developed. However, gpaint  is  usable  and  useful  for  simple  image
       editing tasks.


       Currently gpaint has the following features:

       * Drawing tools such as ovals, freehand, polygon and text, with fill or
       shadow for polygons and closed freehand shapes.

       * Cut and paste by selecting irregular regions or polygons.

       * Preliminary print support using gnome-print.

       * Modern, easy to use user interface with tool and color palettes.

       * Multiple-image editing in a single instance of the program.

       * All the image processing features present in xpaint.


       Future  plans  include  the  implementation  of  zooming  in/out, image
       scaling/rotation, and turning gpaint into a Bonobo component for simple
       image editing tasks inside other programs.


       For  bugs  or general comments you can send mail to the developers list
       <>, or you can enter a bug into  the  Debian  Bug
       Tracking  system.  Details  of  how  to use this system can be found on


        X (1), gnome (1)


       This    manual    page    was    written    by     Stephen     Stafford
       <>,  for  the  Debian GNU/Linux system, but
       may be used by others. It is based on the README file included  in  the
       source   distribution   of   gpaint  which  was  written  by  Andy  Tai

                                 June 7, 2001