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       Gource - a software version control visualization


       gource <options> <path>


       gource  is  an  OpenGL-based  3D  visualisation tool for source control

       The repository is displayed as a tree where the root of the  repository
       is   the  centre,  directories  are  branches  and  files  are  leaves.
       Contributors to the source code appear and disappear as they contribute
       to specific files and directories.


       gource requires a OpenGL capable video card to run.


       -f      Fullscreen

               Set  the  window  size. If -f is also supplied, will attempt to
               set the video mode to this also.

       -p, --start-position POSITION
               Begin at some position in the log (between 0.0 and 1.0).

           --stop-position  POSITION
               Stop (exit) at some position in the log  (does  not  work  with

               Stop   on   break   in   activity.   May   be   combined   with

               Stop (exit) at the end of the log / stream.

               Loop back to the start of the log when the end is reached.

       -a, --auto-skip-seconds SECONDS
               Automatically skip to next  entry  if  nothing  happens  for  a
               specified number of seconds.

       -s, --seconds-per-day SECONDS
               Speed of simulation in seconds per day.

               Realtime playback speed.

       -i, --file-idle-time SECONDS
               Time in seconds files remain idle before they are removed.

       -e, --elasticity FLOAT
               Elasticity of nodes.

       -b, --background FFFFFF
               Background colour in hex.

       --date-format FORMAT
               Specify display date string (strftime format).

       --log-format FORMAT
               Specify  format  of the log being read (git,cvs,hg,bzr,custom).
               Required when reading STDIN.

               Get the git log of a branch other than the current one.

               Print the git log command used by gource.

               Print the hg log command (Mercurial) used by gource.

               Print the bzr log command (Bazaar) used by gource.

               Print the log command used by gource.

       --follow-user USER
               Have the camera automatically follow a particular user.

       --highlight-user USER
               Highlight the names of a particular user.

               Highlight the names of all users.

       --file-filter REGEX
               Filter out any files matching a specified regular expression.

       --user-image-dir DIRECTORY
               Directory containing .jpg or .png images  of  users  (eg  ’Full
               Name.png’) to use as avatars.

       --default-user-image IMAGE
               Path of .jpg to use as the default user image.

               Colourize user images.

       --crop AXIS
               Crop view on an axis (vertical,horizontal).

               Enable multi-sampling.

       --bloom-multiplier FLOAT
               Adjust the amount of bloom.

       --bloom-intensity FLOAT
               Adjust the intensity of the bloom.

               Disable progress bar.

               Disable bloom effect.

               Set   the  maximum  number  of  files.  Excess  files  will  be

       --max-file-lag SECONDS
               Max time files of a commit can take to appear.

       --max-user-speed UNITS
               Max speed users can travel per second.

       --user-friction SECONDS
               Time users come to a complete hault.

       --user-scale SCALE
               Change scale of users.

       --camera-mode MODE
               Camera mode (overview,track).

       --hide DISPLAY_ELEMENT
               Hide                      display                       element

               Separate multiple elements with commas.

       --output-ppm-stream FILE
               Write frames as PPM to a file (’-’ for STDOUT).

       --output-framerate FPS
               Framerate of output (used with --output-ppm-stream).

       path    Either  a  Git,  Bazaar or Mercurial directory, a pre-generated
               log file (see log commands or the custom log format) or ’-’  to
               read  STDIN.  If  path is ommited gource will attempt to read a
               log from the current directory.


       View the log of the respository in the current path:


       View the log of a project in the specified directory:

          gource my-project-dir

       Save a copy of the log using in a special log format and play  it  back
       (example is for Git):

          cd my-git-project
          `gource --git-log-command` > my-git-project.log
          gource my-git-project.log

       NOTE:  --git-log-command  assumes you have a recent version of git that
       supports all the options. You may need to modify the  command  line  to
       work with an older version (changing %aN to %an for instance).


       The Gource homepage has guides and examples for using Gource with other
       version control systems:

          CVS       -
          SVN       -


       If you want to use Gource  with  something  other  than  the  supported
       systems, there is a pipe (’|’) delimited custom log format:

          timestamp - A unix timestamp of when the update occured.
          username  - The name of the user who made the update.
          type       -  Single  character  for  the  update  type  -  (A)dded,
       (M)odified or (D)eleted.
          file      - Path of the file updated.
          colour    - A colour for the file in hex (FFFFFF) format.  Optional.


       See  the  guide  on  the homepage for examples of recording videos with


       The time shown in the top left of the screen is set initially from  the
       first  log  entry  read  and is incremented according to the simulation
       speed (--seconds-per-day).

       Pressing SPACE at any time will  pause/unpause  the  simulation.  While
       paused  you may use the mouse to inspect the detail of individual files
       and users.

       TAB cycles through selecting the current visible users.

       The camera mode, either tracking activity or showing  the  entire  code
       tree, can be toggled using the Middle mouse button.

       You  can drag the left mouse button to manually control the camera. The
       right mouse button rotates the view.

       Interactive keyboard commands:

          (V)   Toggle camera mode
          (C)   Displays Gource logo
          (M)   Toggle mouse visibility.
          (N)   Jump forward in time to next log entry.
          (+-)  Adjust simulation speed.
          (<>)  Adjust time scale.
          (TAB) Cycle through visible users
          (ESC) Quit


        Written by Andrew Caudwell

        Project Homepage:


        Copyright (C) 2009 Andrew Caudwell (

        This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
        modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
        as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
        3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

        This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
        but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
        GNU General Public License for more details.

        You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
        along with this program.  If not, see <>.


        Catalyst IT (

        For supporting the development of Gource!