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       google - command-line access to (some) Google services


       google [picasa|blogger|youtube|docs|contacts|calendar] TASK [options]


       This program provides command-line access to (some) google services via
       their gdata  APIs.   Called  without  a  service  name,  it  starts  an
       interactive session.

       Available   tasks   for   service   picasa:  ’get’,  ’create’,  ’list’,
       ’list-albums’, ’tag’, ’post’, ’delete’

              get: Download photos

              Requires: none Optional: title, query Arguments: LOCATION

              create: Create an album

              Requires:  title  Optional:  date,  summary,   tags   Arguments:

              list: List photos

              Requires: delimiter Optional: title, query

              list-albums: List albums

              Requires: delimiter Optional: title

              tag: Tag photos

              Requires: tags AND (title OR query)

              post: Post photos to an album

              Requires: title Optional: tags Arguments: PATH_TO_PHOTOS

              delete: Delete photos or albums

              Requires: (title OR query)

       Available tasks for service blogger: ’post’, ’tag’, ’list’, ’delete’

              post: Post content.

              Requires:   none   Optional:   blog,   title,   tags  Arguments:
              PATH_TO_CONTENT or CONTENT

              tag: Label posts

              Requires: tags AND title Optional: blog

              list: List posts in your blog

              Requires: delimiter Optional: blog, title

              delete: Delete a post.

              Requires: title Optional: blog

       Available tasks for service youtube: ’post’, ’tag’, ’list’, ’delete’

              post: Post a video.

              Requires: category AND devkey  Optional:  title,  summary,  tags
              Arguments: PATH_TO_VIDEO

              tag: Add tags to a video and/or change its category.

              Requires: devkey AND title AND (category OR tags)

              list: List videos by user.

              Requires: delimiter Optional: title

              delete: Delete videos.

              Requires: devkey Optional: title

       Available  tasks  for service docs: ’edit’, ’delete’, ’list’, ’upload’,

              edit: Edit a document

              Requires: title Optional: format, editor, folder

              delete: Delete documents

              Requires: none Optional: title

              list: List documents

              Requires: delimiter Optional: title, folder

              upload: Upload a document

              Requires:  none  Optional:  title,  folder,  format   Arguments:

              get: Download a document

              Requires: (title OR folder) Optional: format Arguments: LOCATION

       Available tasks for service  contacts:  ’list’,  ’list-groups’,  ’add’,
       ’add-groups’, ’delete-groups’, ’delete’

              list: List contacts

              Requires: none Arguments: Fields to show (example: name,email)

              list-groups: List contact groups

              Requires: none Arguments: Specific groups to list (if any)

              add: Add contacts

              Requires: none Arguments: "name,email" pair or CSV filename

              add-groups: Add contact group(s)

              Requires: none Arguments: Group name(s)

              delete-groups: Delete contact group(s)

              Requires: none Arguments: Group name(s)

              delete: Delete contacts

              Requires:  none  Arguments:  names of contact(s) to delete (e.g.
              "John Doe" "Jane Doe")

       Available tasks for service calendar: ’add’, ’list’, ’today’, ’delete’

              add: Add event to a calendar

              Requires: none Optional: cal Arguments: QUICK_ADD_TEXT

              list: List events on a calendar

              Requires: delimiter Optional: title, query, date, cal

              today: List events for the next 24 hours

              Requires: delimiter Optional: title, query, cal

              delete: Delete event from a calendar

              Requires: (title OR query) Optional: date, cal


              show program’s version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Blogger only - specify a blog other than your primary.

              Calendar only - specify a calendar other than your primary.

       -c CATEGORY, --category=CATEGORY
              YouTube only - specify  video  categories  as  a  commaseparated
              list, e.g. "Film, Travel"

              Specify location of config file.

              YouTube  only - specify developer tags as a commaseparated list.

              YouTube only - specify a developer key

       -d DATE, --date=DATE
              Date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Picasa only - sets the  date  of  the
              album  Calendar only - date of the event to add / look for.  Can
              also specify a range with a comma: "YYYY-MM-DD", events  between
              date  and  future.  "YYYYMM-DD,YYYY-MM-DD"  events  between  two

              Specify a delimiter for the output of the list task.

              Blogger only - post as a draft

              Docs only - editor to use on a file.

       -f FOLDER, --folder=FOLDER
              Docs only - specify folder(s) to upload to / search in.

              Docs only - format to download documents as.

       -n TITLE, --title=TITLE
              Title of the item

              Google Apps Premier only - do not convert the  file  on  upload.
              (Else converts to native Google Docs format)

       -q QUERY, --query=QUERY
              Full text query string for specifying items. Searches on titles,
              captions, and tags.

       -s SUMMARY, --summary=SUMMARY
              Description of the upload, or file containing the description.

       -t TAGS, --tags=TAGS
              Tags for item, e.g. "Sunsets, Earth Day"

       -u USER, --user=USER
              Username  to  use   for   the   task.   Exact   application   is
              task-dependent.  If authentication is necessary, this will force
              the user to specify a password through a command line prompt  or


       google blogger post --title ’foo’ ’command line posting’

       google calendar add ’Lunch with Jim at noon tomorrow’

       google contacts list name,email >contacts.csv

       google docs edit --title ’Shopping list’ picasa create --title ’Cat Photos’ ~/photos/cats/*.jpg

       google youtube post --category Education killer_robots.avi