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       google-pprof - manual page for google-pprof (part of google-perftools)


       google-pprof [options] <program> <profile>


              Prints specified cpu- or heap-profile


       --cum  Sort by cumulative data

              Subtract <base> from <profile> before display

   Reporting Granularity:
              Report at address level

              Report at source line level

              Report at function level [default]

              Report at source file level

   Output type:
       --text Generate text report [default]

       --gv   Generate Postscript and display

              Generate source listing of matching routines

              Generate disassembly of matching routines

       --dot  Generate DOT file to stdout

       --ps   Generate Postcript to stdout

       --pdf  Generate PDF to stdout

       --gif  Generate GIF to stdout

   Heap-Profile Options:
              Display in-use (mega)bytes [default]

              Display in-use objects

              Display allocated (mega)bytes

              Display allocated objects

              Display space in bytes

              Ignore negaive differences

   Call-graph Options:
              Show at most so many nodes [default=80]

              Hide nodes below <f>*total [default=.005]

              Hide edges below <f>*total [default=.001]

              Focus on nodes matching <regexp>

              Ignore nodes matching <regexp>

              Set GV scaling [default=0]


       google-pprof /bin/ls

              Outputs one line per procedure

       google-pprof --gv /bin/ls

              Displays annotated call-graph via 'gv'

       google-pprof --gv --focus=Mutex /bin/ls

              Restricts to code paths including a .*Mutex.* entry

       google-pprof --gv --focus=Mutex --ignore=string /bin/ls

              Code paths including Mutex but not string

       google-pprof --list=getdir /bin/ls

              Dissassembly (with per-line annotations) for getdir()

       google-pprof --disasm=getdir /bin/ls

              Dissassembly (with per-PC annotations) for getdir()


       Copyright (C) 2005 Google Inc.


       Further  documentation  for  google-pprof  is  maintained as a web page
       called  cpu_profiler.html  and  is  likely  installed  at  one  of  the
       following locations:


google-pprof (part of google-perfFebruary 2005                        PPROF(1)