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       gonzui-server - a web-based search engine of gonzui


       gonzui-server [OPTION]


       -p, --port=PORT
              listen on the specified PORT [46984]

              listen on the specified ADDRESS [*]

              run as a daemon

       -u, --user=USER
              use USER’s UID when daemonized [gniibe]

       -g, --group=GROUP
              use GROUP’s GID when daemonized [gniibe]

       -t, --title=TITLE
              use TITLE for HTML contents [gonzui]

              specify alternate run control file

              dump configuration

       -d, --db-dir=DIR
              use DB directory DIR

              use NUM megabytes of DB cache [5]

              list all supported formats

       --help show this help message

       -q, --quiet
              suppress all normal output

       -v, --verbose
              output progress and statistics

              print version information and exit