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       goattracker - C64 music editor




       This manual page documents briefly the goattracker command.

       goattracker  is  a  C64 music tracker.  It supports emulated output via
       the software reSID engine, the  HardSID  soundcard,  or  the  Catweasel
       (MK3/MK4)  controller  card,  and  produces  songs  in  its  own format
       (*.SNG). The program can also export tunes in SID format,  BIN  format,
       or  Commodore PRG format for inclusion on a floppy you can stick into a
       1541/1571/1581 drive.

       Like most tracker programs, the program is able  to  import  instrument
       files,  create  and modify track patterns, set the order of playback of
       patterns and change details of the song such as the title  and  author.
       If  you  are familiar with tracker-like programs, then GoatTracker will
       feel  like  a  simple  version  of  those,  though   with   differences
       attributable to the hardware. People new to composing in general should
       look up other information on composing on the C64.


       ocp(1), milkytracker(1), schism(1).


       goattracker was written by Lasse Öörni.

       This manual page was written by  Gürkan  Sengün  <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                 May 17, 2007