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       GNUmed - an electronic MEDICAL record software for GP offices

       This  is  not  fully featured yet. Use at your own risk.  You have been


       gnumed  [--quiet|debug]  [--slave]  [--text-domain=TEXTDOMAIN]  [--log-
       file=FILE]  [--conf-file=FILE] [--lang-gettext=LANGUAGE] [--ui=UI-TYPE]
       [--override-schema-check] [--local-import]  [--help]  [--version]  [-V]


       GNUmed  is  a  solution for keeping safe and medically sound electronic
       records on a patient’s health. It primarily focuses on GP  offices.  It
       is released under the GPL.

       GNUmed  is written in Python with wxPython/wxWindows. Data is stored in
       a PostgreSQL database. Multiple clients can work with the same database
       at the same time.


              Be extra quiet and show only _real_ errors in the log.

              Pre-set  the  [debug  mode]  checkbox  in the login dialog which
              controls increased verbosity in the log file.

              Useful for, well, debugging :-)  Slower, too.

              Pre-set the [enable remote control] checkbox in the login dialog
              to enable the XML-RPC remote control feature.

              Enable HIPAA features with user workflow impact.

              Those  features which do not affect the workflow of the user are
              permanently enabled.

              Set this to change the name of the language file to  be  loaded.
              Note,  this  does  not change the directory the file is searched
              in, only the name of the file where messages  are  loaded  from.
              The  standard  textdomain  is,  of course, "". You need
              only  specify  the  base  name  of  the  file  without  the  .mo

              Use  this  to  change  the name of the log file. The default log
              file would be <~/.gnumed/gnumed.log>.

              Use configuration file FILE  instead  of  searching  for  it  in
              standard locations.

              Explicitly  set  the language to use in gettext translation. The
              very same effect can be  achieved  by  setting  the  environment
              variable $LANG from a launcher script.

              Explicitely  set the user interface type. Omitting this argument
              will default the interface to wxPython.

              Valid values are:

                   web: CherryPy web client

                   wxp: wxPython Python client

              Continue loading the client even if the database schema  version
              and  the  client  software  version  cannot  be  verified  to be

              Skip  checking  for  client  updates.  This  is  useful   during
              development or when the update check URL is unavailable.

              At  startup adjust the PYTHONPATH such that the GNUmed client is
              run from a local copy of the source  tree  rather  than  from  a
              proper system-wide installation.

       --version, -V
              Show  version  information  about  the  GNUmed  client  and  the
              database it needs.

       --help, -h, or -?
              Well, show this help.


       LANG, LC_MESSAGES, etc.
              See gettext(1) for how the various  locale  related  environment
              variables work.


              The system-wide configuration file.

              The user-specific configuration file.

              The default log file.


              Detailed Wiki-style documentation
              Users’ website
              German website
              Mailing list home
              Source code repository (Git)

              Local documentation


       A  lot of functionality is still missing. However, to make up for that,
       we deliver a plethora of bugs for your amusement :-)

       Use at your own risk. You have been warned. Take proper backups !