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       gnomebaker - an easy to use CD/DVD burner for GNOME


       gnomebaker [options]


       This  manual  page  briefly documents gnomebaker, an easy to use CD/DVD
       burner for the GNOME Desktop Environment.


       GnomeBaker is still in development so many features are still  missing.
       Currently supported features are:

       * DVD data disk burning.

       * DVD formatting.

       * CD multisession support.

       * CDRW erasing.

       * Data CD burning.

       * Audio CD creation from various audio formats.

       * ISO image burning.

       * ISO image creation.


       For  bugs  or general comments you can send mail to the developers list
       <>, or you can enter a  bug  into
       the  Debian  Bug Tracking system. Details of how to use this system can
       be found on


        X (1), gnome (1), gnome-options(7)


       This   manual   page   was   written   by   Goedson   Teixeira   Paixao
       <>,  for the Debian GNU/Linux system, but may be used
       by others.

                                March 21, 2005