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       Gmsh  -  3D  finite element mesh generator with built-in CAD engine and


       gmsh [file(s)] [option(s)]


       Gmsh is an automatic three-dimensional finite  element  mesh  generator
       with build-in CAD and post-processing facilities. Its design goal is to
       provide a simple meshing tool for  academic  problems  with  parametric
       input and advanced visualization capabilities.

       Gmsh  is  built  around  four modules: geometry, mesh, solver and post-
       processing. The specification of any input to  these  modules  is  done
       either  interactively  using  the  graphical user interface or in ASCII
       text files using Gmsh’s own scripting language.


       -0  parse all input files, output unrolled geometry, and exit.

       -tol float
           set geometrical tolerance.


       -1  perform the one-dimensional mesh, i.e., discretize all  the  curves
           in the geometry.

       -2  perform the two-dimensional mesh, i.e., discretize all the surfaces
           in the geometry.

       -3  perform  the  three-dimensional  mesh,  i.e.,  discretize  all  the
           volumes in the geometry.

       -part int
           partition the mesh after batch mesh generation.

           save all elements (and discard all physical group definitions).

       -o file
           specify mesh output file name.

       -format string
           set output mesh format (msh, msh1, msh2, unv, vrml, stl, mesh, bdf,
           p3d, cgns, med).

           use binary format when available.

       -algo string
           select mesh algorithm (meshadapt, del2d, front2d, del3d,  front3d).

       -smooth int
           set number of mesh smoothing steps.

           optimize quality of tetrahedral elements.

       -order int
           set mesh order.

       -clscale float
           set global scaling factor to the mesh characteristic lengths in the

       -clmin float
           Set minimum characteristic length.

       -clmax float
           Set maximum characteristic length.  -clcurv Compute  characteristic
           lengths from curvatures.

       -rand float
           set random perturbation factor.

       -bgm file
           load  the  post-processing  view  in file as the current background


           hide all views at startup.

       -link int
           choose link mode between post-processing views (0, 1, 2, 3, 4).

           combine input views into multi-time-step ones.


           suppress the double buffer. Use this options if you use Gmsh  on  a
           remote host without GLX.

       -fontsize int
           specify the font size for the GUI.

       -theme string
           specify the FLTK GUI scheme.

       -display string
           specify display.


       -   parse input files, then exit.

       -a, -g, -m, -s, -p
           start in automatic, geometry, mesh, solver or post-processing mode.

           print pid on stdout.

           always listen to incoming connection requests.

       -v int
           set verbosity level.

           don’t popup dialog windows in scripts.

       -string string
           parse option string at startup.

       -option file
           parse option file at startup.

       -convert files
           Convert files into latest binary formats, then exit.

           show version number.

           show detailed version information.

           show help message.


       Christophe Geuzaine  (  and  Jean-Francois  Remacle


       Gmsh examples (/usr/share/doc/gmsh-*/),
       Gmsh homepage (

       The  full documentation for Gmsh is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
       the info and gmsh programs are properly installed  at  your  site,  the

              info gmsh

       should give you access to the complete manual.