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       gjavah - - generate header files from Java class files


       gjavah ...


       The gjavah program is used to generate header files from class files.
       It can generate both CNI and JNI header files, as well as stub
       implementation files which can be used as a basis for implementing the
       required native methods.


       -d DIR
           Set output directory.

       -o FILE
           Set output file (only one of -d or -o may be used).

       -cmdfile FILE
           Read command file.

       -all DIR
           Operate on all class files under directory DIR.

           Emit stub implementation.

           Emit JNI stubs or header (default).

           Emit CNI stubs or header (default JNI).

           Set verbose mode.

           Output files should always be written.

       Class path options:

       -classpath PATH
           Set the class path.

           Add directory to class path.

       -bootclasspath PATH
           Set the boot class path.

       -extdirs PATH
           Set the extension directory path.

       Standard options:

           Print help text, then exit.

           Print version number, then exit.

           Pass argument to the Java runtime.


       javac(1), ...