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       gizmod - allows scripting of input events through Python scripts.



       gizmod --server

       gizmod --server --keyboard-leds


       Gizmo  Daemon  is  an advanced input device controller that enables any
       Linux input device to be used for any purpose imaginable. Input  events
       can  be  mapped  to  control  applications  (console and X11), the ALSA
       system mixer volume, Amarok, or any other application.  Events  can  be
       directed  at  other  devices  as well (keyboards, mice, force feedback,
       joysticks, LIRC remotes, etc).

       Gizmo  Daemon  also  offers  support  for  devices  with  visualization
       capabilities  (such  as  the  Griffin  PowerMate’s LED).  In this way a
       number of  system  events  can  be  sent  to  any  devices  which  have
       visualization  abilities.   Current  monitor  plugins  include:  system
       volume, CPU usage, sound output from  any  libVisual  compatible  music
       player  (such as Amarok), and more!  This means you’ll be able to watch
       your PowerMate (or any other supported device) dance in time to  music!


              In  order to use the libVisual plugin (which can visualize music
              on the PowerMate’s LED, or on the Keyboard’s LEDs starting  with
              Gizmod (v3.1), you’ll need to run Gizmod as a server.

              The  Amarok  plugin  is  really  just a Gizmod client that sends
              sound visualization events to the server,  so  if  Gizmod  isn’t
              running  as  a  server, the plugin won’t be able to connect, and
              you won’t get see any visualization events.

              In order to allow Gizmod to take over  your  keyboard  LEDs  use
              this switch.


       For  lots  of  documentation, support, and help, visit the Gizmo Daemon
       web site


       Bug tracker at

                                                               Gizmo Daemon(1)