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       git-import-orig - Import an upstream source into a git repository


       git-import-orig  [  --verbose  ] [ --upstream-version=version ] [ --no-
       merge ] [ --upstream-branch=branch_name ] [ --debian-branch=branch_name
       ]  [  --[no-]sign-tags  ]  [  --keyid=gpg-keyid ] [ --upstream-tag=tag-
       format ] [ --filter=pattern ] [ --[no-]pristine-tar ] [  --[no-]filter-
       pristine-tar ] [ --postimport=cmd ] [ --uscan ] upstream-source


       git-import-orig   imports  upstream-source  into  the  Git  repository.
       upstream-source can either be a gzip or bzip2 compressed tar archive or
       an  already unpacked source tree. If it is already of the form package-
       name_version.orig.tar.gz, the version  information  is  read  from  the
       tarball's  filename  otherwise  it can be given on the command line via

       The sources are placed on  the  upstream  branch  (default:  upstream),
       tagged and merged onto the debian branch (default: master).



              The upstream version number

              Don't merge the upstream version to the development branch

              The  branch  in  the Git repository the upstream sources are put
              onto. Default is upstream.

              The branch in the Git repository the  Debian  package  is  being
              developed on, default is master. After importing the new sources
              on the upstream branch, git-import-orig will try  to  merge  the
              new version onto this branch.


       -v     verbose execution

              GPG sign all created tags

              use this keyid for gpg signing tags

              use  this  tag format when tagging upstream versions, default is

              use this format string for the  commit  message  when  importing
              upstream   versions,   default   is  Imported  Upstream  version

              filter out files glob-matching pattern. Can  be  given  multiple

              generate pristine-tar delta file

              if  using  a  filter  also  filter  the files out of the tarball
              passed to pristine tar

              run cmd after the import.

              Use uscan to fetch new upstream version.


       Four configuration files are parsed  to  set  defaults  for  the  above
       commandline arguments:

              system wide configuraton

              per user configuration

              per branch configuration, can be published with the repository

              per branch configuration, can be published with the repository

              per repository configuration

       See /etc/git-buildpackage/gbp.conf for an example.


       git-buildpackage(1), git-import-dsc(1), git-import-dscs(1), git-dch(1),
       debuild(1),  git(1),  pristine-tar(1),  The   Git-Buildpackage   Manual


       Guido Guenther <>

                               05 September 2010