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       giftd - Daemon component for the giFT project


       giFT [ options... ]


       giftd  is  a  modular  deamon  capable of abstracting the communication
       between the end user and specific filesharing  protocols  (peer-to-peer
       or  otherwise).   This  giFT daemon is the main core of the system, but
       will not be useful without a controlling interface  (known  as  a  giFT
       client or interface) and a protocol plugin.

       Please  note  that  the  bulk  of  the  run-time options are controlled
       through the daemon and  plugin  configuration  files.   See  the  FILES
       section for more information.


       -h, --help
              Show a short overview of all options

       -V, --version
              Output version information and exit.

       -d, --daemon
              Fork to the background as a daemon would.

       -x, --index-only
              Update the shares database and exit

       -o<VAL>, --opt=<VAL>
              Run-time configuration override.  The format of the value string
              is as follows:


              For example, if you wish to change OpenFT’s lan_mode switch  via
              this interface, you would use:


       -p<VAL>, --protocol=<VAL>
              Load the specified plugin (overrides giftd.conf(5)).  from file.
              Plugins specified here can be treated  as  a  single  member  in
              gift:/main/plugins.   You may specify this option multiple times
              on the command line.

       -q, --quiet
              Disable logging entirely.  Overrides -v and -l.

       -v, --verbose
              Increase the verbosity level (default=0).  Currently,  the  only
              meaningful  level  is 1, where all output will be printed to the
              normal log facility, as well as  to  stderr.   If  you  wish  to
              change  the  default logging path to stderr only, you should use
              -v in conjunction with -l/dev/null.

       -l<VAL>, --logfile=<VAL>
              Use the log path specified  by  <VAL>  instead  of  the  default


              Generic  configuration  for  giFT,  see  giftd.conf(5)  for more

              Debug information. A clean file is used every startup.

              Apache-style  access  log.  Can  be  used  to   generate   fancy
              statistics,  although it’s not very reliable. (Often only chunks
              of files have been downloaded from you.)

              Share database containing all cached meta and hashing data about
              your shares.  Removal of this file will force a clean rebuild of
              all this data.


       giFT is currently development software.  This means that the  stability
       of  the  project  cannot  always be guaranteed, and as such we strongly
       encourage constructive debugging feedback that will help us mature  the
       project  as best we can.  Please consult the documentation available at so that you might use the  proper  channels
       requested by the development staff.


       Josh Guilfoyle <>
       Eelco Lempsink <>


       giftd.conf(5), OpenFT.conf(5),