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       ggzcommgen - GGZ Communication Protocol Generator


       ggzcommgen [OPTIONS...] PROTOCOL


       The  ggzcommgen  tool  allows game and application developers to create
       client-server protocol implementations using  XML  source  files.   The
       protocol  description  is  converted  into  source  files  for  certain
       programming languages, and then be added the the  source  tree  of  the
       game or application. This saves a lot of work, since no networking code
       has to be written by hand.

       The PROTOCOL file should be given without the .protocol file ending and
       will  result  in source files using this name as a base, plus language-
       specific file endings.


       -l, --language=LANGUAGE
              The programming language  of  the  files  which  are  generated.
              LANGUAGE can be either ’c’, ’c++’ or ’python’.

       -i, --interface=LIBRARY
              The  library  to  use  for  handling  the  network  input/output
              operations.   The  choice  of  LIBRARY  mostly  depends  on  the
              programming  language,  and  is one of ’ggz’ (libggz for C/C++),
              ’qt’ (Qt library for  C++),  ’mnet’  (C++  server  library)  and
              ’socket’ (Python standard library).

       -r, --role=ROLE
              Whether  the  generated source file should be used in the server
              or in the  client.  The  value  of  ROLE  is  then  ’client’  or
              ’server’, respectively.


       The GGZ Development Team <>