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       gftp - file transfer client for *NIX based machines.


       gftp  [options]  [[proto://][  user  :  [pass]  @]  server  [: port ][/
       directory ]]


       gFTP is a file transfer client for *NIX based  machines.  It  currently
       has  a  text  interface  and  a  GTK+  1.2/2.x  graphical interface. It
       currently supports the  FTP,  FTPS  (control  connection  only),  HTTP,
       HTTPS, SSH and FSP protocols.


       You  may  enter  a url on the command line that gFTP will automatically
       connect to when it starts up.

       --help, -h
              Display program usage.

       --info Display some information about how gFTP was built.  Please  send
              the output of this command when submitting a bug report.

       --version, -v
              Display the current version of gFTP.

       proto  This  specifies  the  protocol  that  should  be  used.  It  can
              currently be one of the  following  options:  ftp,  ftps,  http,
              https,  ssh,  fsp,  local and bookmark. If omitted, the protocol
              specified by the default_protocol option will be used.

       user   The username that will be used to log into the remote server. If
              omitted,  your current username will be used for most protocols.
              For the FTP protocol, the anonymous username will be used.

       pass   The password that will be used to log into the remote server. If
              omitted, you will be prompted for the password. If you are using
              the FTP protocol, and the username is anonymous, then your email
              address will be used as the password.

       server The remote server to connect to.

       port   The  remote  port  on  the server to connect to. If omitted, the
              default port for the protocol will be used.  The  port  will  be
              looked up in the services(5) file.

              The  directory to change to once you are connected to the remote


              Per user configuration file. Most of these options can be edited
              inside   gFTP.   This   file   is   also  commented  very  well.
                     Per user bookmarks file.


       If you find any bugs in gFTP, please report them to GNOME’s Bugzilla at


       Brian Masney <> -

                                  MARCH 2007                           GFTP(1)