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       gfsched - create a host file using file-affinity scheduling


       gfsched [ -U ] [ -I fragment-index ] [ -p gfarm-program-URL ] gfarm-URL
       [ output-hostfile ]

       gfsched [ -U ] -N number [ -p gfarm-program-URL ] [ host ... ]


       gfsched creates a host  file  using  the  file-affinity  scheduling  of
       gfarm-URL.   In  other  words,  gfsched chooses and displays hostnames,
       matching the  number  with  the  fragments  of  the  gfarm-URL,  giving
       priority,  as far as possible to the host which has the fragment.  When
       output-hostfile is omitted, gfsched displays to the standard output.

       If -N is specified instead of gfarm-URL, gfsched chooses and displays a
       specified number of hosts from the hosts in the arguments.  If no hosts
       are  specified  in  the  argument,  gfsched  chooses  hosts  from   all
       registered hosts.


       -I fragment-index
              Specifies the fragment index to be scheduled.

       -U     Suppresses  authentication  check.   Without  this  option,  the
              scheduler  checks  whether  the  user   will   be   successfully
              authenticated  with  the  hosts  or  not.  This option omits the
              check to make scheduling faster, but that creates  a  risk  that
              hosts  which fail authentication with the user may be scheduled.

       -p program-URL
              Creates a host file with a program name which will  be  used  to
              process the gfarm-URL.  In other words, only hosts which can run
              the program-URL will be selected, if this option is specified.

       -?     Displays a list of command options.