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       gfrcmd - Gfarm remote shell


       gfrcmd host command ...


       gfrcmd  logs  into  a filesystem node host and executes commands on the
       filesystem node.  It provides a  similar  functionality  to  rsh.   The
       following is a list of differences, however.

       A  remote  server  is  not  executed by inetd, but is incorporated with

       The  user  is  authenticated  and  authorized  by  the  Gfarm  security
       mechanism.   Since  this  does  not  rely  on privileged TCP ports  for
       authentication like rsh, the maximum number of remote executions is not
       limited by the number of privileged ports.

       Unlike  rsh,  gfrcmd  utilizes  a single TCP connection to a filesystem
       node.   It  requires  less  kernel  resources  than  rsh  when  several
       processes are executed.

       gfrcmd inherits the environment variable DISPLAY and the authentication
       information of the X Window System.

       On the filesystem node, the current working directory is not  the  home
       directory  that is often shared using NFS, but a spool directory of the
       Gfarm filesystem, which makes it possible to leave core files  on  each
       filesystem node when debugging.

       It  has  functionality  that  invokes  a  debugger  when a fatal signal


              Specifies a username on a remote host.

       -n     Redirects the standard input from the special device  /dev/null.

       -r     Executes  a remote command directly without using a login shell.

       -y     Inherits the environment variable, DISPLAY.

       -X     Inherits the authentication information of the X Window  System.
              It  is  useful  in  a  situation where the home directory is not

       -v     Displays error message verbosely.

       -?     Displays a list of command options.


              Specifies the debugger command that is invoked when  a  remotely
              executed  command  aborts  with  a  fatal  signal.   When gdb is
              specified, xterm and the GNU  debugger  gdb  are  executed.   To
              utilize  this functionality, it is necessary to invoke gfrcmd on
              the X Window System.


       The -l option is not implemented yet.