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       gfix -- GFIX - Firebird command-line tool


       gfix  is a tool whitch performs a number of maintenance activities on a
       database eg. database shutdown, making minor data repairs. - Documentation ->  Knowledgebase  ->  User
       Documentation -> Interbase 6. Operation Guide.


       Acivate shadow file for database usage

   -at[tach] n
       shutdown new database attachments

   -b[uffers] n
       Set page buffers n

   -c[ommit] {ID|all}
       Commit transaction (tr / all)

   -ca[che] n
       Shutdown cache manager

       Validate record fragments (-v)

   -f[orce] n
       Force database shutdown

   -h[ousekeeping] n
       Set sweep interval (n)

       Ignore checksum errors

       Kill all unavailable shadow files

       Show limbo transactions

       Prepare corrupt database for backup

   -m[ode] [read_write|read_only]
       read-only or read-wrire

       read-only validation (-v)

       Database online

   -pa[ssword] password
       Default password

       Prompt for commit/rollback (-v)

   -r[ollback] {ID|all}
       Rollback transaction (tr / all)

   -s[ql_dialect] n
       Set database dialect n

       Force garbage collection

       Shutdown database

   -t[wo-phase] {ID|all}
       Perform automated two-phase recovery

   -tr[an] n
       Shutdown transaction startup

       Use full or reserve space for versions

   -user name
       Default user name

       Validate database structure

   -w[rite] {sync|async}
       Write synchronously or asynchronously

       Print software version number



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