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       get-build-deps - install build dependencies for one or more packages


       get-build-deps [package name]


       get-build-deps is a script to install the build dependencies for either
       a local source package or one or more packages from the repositories.

       In order to obtain all missing build  dependencies  for  a  package  on
       which  source  you  are currently working, just run this script without
       any argument, and it'll read its debian/control file to  determine  the
       missing build dependencies.

       Alternatively,  you  can call it with a list of space-separated package
       names, or the name of a single file which contains  the  package  names
       each  on  a  line.   Then  it will install the missing dependencies for
       those packages using "apt-get build-dep".


              Looks for a debian/control file in the current working directory
              and installs the dependencies listed there.

       get-build-deps geany
              Installs  the build dependencies for the version of geany that's
              in the repositories.

       get-build-deps geany epiphany-browser rhythmbox
              Same as the previous example but also with the dependencies  for
              epiphany-browser and rhythmbox.

       get-build-deps ./package_list.txt
              Reads the file package_list.txt (relative to the current working
              directory), where each line contains the name of a package,  and
              installs the dependencies for the versions of all those that are
              in the repositories.


       When it's being used to install the missing dependencies  for  a  local
       source  package  (i.e., no arguments are passed to it) it doesn't check
       for the dependencies to match the indicated versions, but just installs
       the newest one available in the repositories.


       dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1), apt-get(8)


       get-build-deps  and  this  manual  page have been written by Siegfried-
       Angel Gevatter Pujals <>.  They are released under the
       GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.